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California Campaign Director - Common Sense Media Owner - Rise Strategies, LLC Executive Director - Priorities USA Action

Buffy Wicks is one of the top strategists and grassroots organizers in the Democratic Party.  She was a member of senior staff for President Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign, directing the national Get Out the Vote effort, and she previously served as Deputy Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement.  Most recently, she transitioned the pro-Obama SuperPAC Priorities USA into a pro-Hillary Clinton vehicle and served as its Executive Director.

Buffy Wwas born in a small town in Nortern California and grew up in a trailer, raised by working class parents who pushed her to work hard and think big.

Buffy attended public school, then enrolled at her local community college before transferring to and graduating from a four-year university. She got her start in community organizing where she organized against the Iraq War in the Bay Area. She’s been an organizer ever since. Buffy became a grassroots organizer for Howard Dean’s presidential campaign, then joined the United Food and Commercial Workers and led the campaign to fight Wal-Mart for better wages and health care for its employees.

Buffy is proud to have been an architect of President Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns. She is credited with innovating Obama’s grassroots organizing model – from right here in Oakland. In addition to playing a critical role in his momentous electoral victories, Buffy served alongside him in the White House. In her leadership role at the Office of Public Engagement, Buffy brought stakeholders and advocates from across the country together to support and eventually pass the Affordable Care Act, which has provided more than 20 million Americans with health care, including 5 million here in California.

Buffy’s passion is fighting for equity, equal opportunity, and economic security – with a particular focus on policies affecting women and children. She served at the Center for American Progress as a Senior Fellow, where she launched a national policy initiative, with Planned Parenthood and SEIU, fighting for economic security for women and families. Currently, Buffy is leading a statewide campaign to empower parents to advocate for better opportunities for their kids.Buffy hopes to continue advocating for California’s parents and kids as an Assemblywoman in Sacramento, where only 22% of our state legislators are women and just a handful are mothers to young children.

Buffy lives in Oakland with her husband Peter and her 6-month old daughter, Josephine, also known as JoJo.


I support three key approaches to addressing our community’s shortage of homes:

  1. build more affordable homes for low-income people more quickly
  2. protect existing tenants from displacement, especially seniors and people with disabilities
  3. grow in a smart way by building more homes in walkable, transit-oriented neighborhoods

I will support legislation to reduce teacher shortages, increase funding for K-12 public schools, invest in community colleges, and ensure our public universities are accessible and affordable for California residents.

College should be tuition-free for financially-burdened students, and we should also cover these students’ non-tuition living expenses in order to provide truly accessible higher education. We can work towards this vision as a state by making California Community Colleges tuition-free for low-and-middle-income students, making the FAFSA easier to complete for all students, and further streamlining and bolstering our financial aid programs to cover students’ non-tuition college expenses, such as books, housing, food, and transportation. 


I believe California can and should be committed to providing single-payer health care for its residents, and I fully support Medicare-for-All federally.

While we work towards single-payer, there is an intermediate and immediate step I believe we must take now to ensure our citizens are protected from Trump’s disastrous policies- we should immediately create a “Medi-Cal public option” to ensure affordable and quality care open to all state residents.

 This would live on the exchanges and compete with private insurers, many of whom are risk-averse and could leave the marketplace at any moment. Any state resident could opt for this plan, receiving the same quality care that that current Medicare recipients receive. This could serve as an important and necessary next step on our way toward a single payer plan, while at the same time stabilizing our exchanges

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