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Venture Capitalist at Bessemer Venture Partners

I grew up in Turlock, went to public school, and worked my way through college and business school. I’ve spent my career helping entrepreneurs and new companies grow their businesses and turn their ideas into engines of economic growth.

I want the Central Valley to share in that economic growth. For too long, the Central Valley has been left behind. In fact, if the Central Valley were a state, we would be the poorest in the nation. That’s unacceptable, and I’m running for Congress because we can and must do better.

In Congress, my mission will be to bring more good-paying jobs and more investment to the Valley - so a child growing up today can have the same opportunities I had as a kid. I will work with Republicans, Democrats, and Independents to help our local farms and businesses prosper by investing in education and infrastructure and helping to create more good paying jobs.

I will also stand up to President Trump when he is wrong, and fight his agenda when it threatens our values and our families.  

Together, we can defend our values and strengthen our economy.

Fight for Medicare for All

Double down on the part of our healthcare system that works best by expanding Medicare to encompass all Americans. For private insurers, nearly 1 in 6 dollars goes to administrative costs. For Medicare, it’s 1 in 50. Furthermore, polls show Medicare beneficiaries are more satisfied with their insurance than those with private plans.

Provide immediate relief by making common-sense fixes to strengthen the Affordable Care Act. Insurance premiums on the ACA marketplace in Stanislaus County rose 24% in 2018. We can provide short-term relief by increasing competition on the marketplaces by letting people buy into Medicare, curtailing prescription drug prices, and bringing more people into the marketplace.

America spends far more on healthcare than any other country, but we’re less healthy.

The big drug companies jack up prices on life-saving medicines that can be bought for a fraction of the cost in Canada. And for too many working people, premiums, co-pays, and deductibles are so expensive that they can’t even afford to use the insurance they have. It’s time to attack high costs by targeting monopolistic practices and price gouging; allowing imports of medicine from Canada; and doing more to pay providers for the quality of care, not just the volume.

Fair and Humane Immigration Reform

Get relief for our Dreamers NOW. I see DREAMers every day as a teacher at Modesto Junior College. These are the bright stars of our community who just want to work hard to create a better life for themselves and their families. Jeff Denham has recklessly endangered these individuals by refusing to vote for a clean DREAM ACT to come to the floor. I will fight every day to protect my students and young immigrants nationwide.

Fight for a Pathway to Citizenship. America is a nation of immigrants and we rely on immigrant labor to keep our economic engine humming. Nowhere is that more obvious than in the Central Valley, where immigrants are the bedrock of our community. We need to welcome these hardworking individuals out of the shadows and provide them a simple pathway to citizenship.

Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform. In 2013 we had a bill passed by the Senate and approved by Obama that was waiting for the House, yet Denham backed his political party and kept the bill from reaching the floor. It's time to elect a representative that will work to pass such a bill: one that not only reforms our immigration process to make it simpler but also enhances our border patrol to keep our country safe.

Create more good jobs for the Valley

Build on our success in agriculture by working to make the Valley the agricultural technology capital of the nation.

Work to make college and technical training programs more affordable and accessible in the Valley, including by fighting for tuition-free community and technical college.

Invest in infrastructure, so that new companies have a strong foundation from which to build.

Fund apprenticeship programs that teach students the skills local companies need. We need to make sure our graduates have pathways to careers that have a future.

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